How do I log a formal complaint regarding product reliability and water resistance

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My wife purchased me a Rider 400 for my 50th Birthday in April 2017. I used the device on a regular basis in good dry weather. May 2019 I decided to go to France on a 3 day holiday with a group of friends.
During the return leg of the journey I got caught in a heavy down pour and it was at this stage I noticed the rider 400 began to act randomly when rain hit the touch screen. The device began to switch between screens so much so in fact I had to turn off the device because it became unusable.
Once at home and after drying the device I then noticed condensation behind the touch screen. I sought advice from google regarding drying Tom Tom riders and was amazed to discover Rider 400s often leak!!!
I contacted Tom Tom via the my drive app and received a response several days later.
The point of contact from Tom Tom stated that the company couldn’t help because the warranty period had expired and I would have to pay for a repair???? The warranty had expired by one month..... I was then shocked to hear the rep from Tom Tom say that I should fill the rear speaker grills with silicone to stop water ingress because that was almost certainly the problem.
Bearing in mind my wife had just spent over £400 on the device and it had just come out of warranty I was not happy at all!
Anyway after a week in the airing cupboard the device appeared to be dry again and I continued to use it.
I have just embarked on a trip to the Black Forest in Germany leading a group of 11 friends who were heavily reliant on me and my Tom Tom Rider for the route from the UK to Germany.
The trip out last week was a total disaster! The weather deteriorated whilst travelling through France and the rain began to fall heavily.
Again my device became water logged and totally unusable meaning I had to return to using a paper map for directions.
Now although the device appears to have dried out the screen only shows a white display and is now totally unusable. As you can imagine, my wife is not best pleased!
I wish to publicise my bad experience I’ve had with Tom Tom with a view to deterring other motorcyclists from purchasing a Rider and seeking other brands but I would like to give Tom Tom a chance to explain/respond.
How do I contact a rep from Tom Tom who is not based in a call centre in another country and is available to speak to me directly.
Any advice you guys have would be really helpful.


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    Hi @Traffic273

    Sorry to hear about the bad experience.

    I had a look at your contact history and I am unable to find the reference number for your contact.

    Could you send that number to me through a private message , please?

    Thank you,
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    Ive had exactly the same problem with my 400. IP rated, but two consecutive trips this year have seen mine pack up. First time I left it in an airing cupboard for 2 weeks and eventually it worked, but this weekend returning from France the same thing happened. I bought it because I was told its waterproof to IP standard, clearly it isnt. Having looked on the website Im now told its not repairable, and its out of warranty. Disgusted.