Via 125/via 1535 last map update

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I have a via 125 with a usa_canada_mexico v890 from 2012. I haven't connected it to a computer in many years and the map is obviously outdated. My question is weather or not I can find and install the last map update given to this device. I'm hoping there might be one from 2016 that is at least a little more modern.
I mostly do rural driving for which roads do not change very often, however, some of the highways I have been driving are no longer up to date in the device.
If there is a way to install a map update without using my drive connect then I would be interested in playing with it.


  • dhn
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    No, you need MyDriveConnect for any map purchases. The newest is 1035 which came out last month.

    Afraid there is no way to get older (but newer than 890) for the device.