Smart Media System completely blank (grey so lit up a little)

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Yesterday we were driving along and the Smart media system firstly stopped playing tracks on the USB, and then later on restarting the car was completely blank.

About 3 weeks ago we updated the maps successfully. I was considering whether it was worth buying an extension to the Smart Live Services.

Today I had an email from TOMTOM saying that the services had expired. Is this connected to teh issue above?

IF not, how can I reset the Smart Media and continue reusing it without the Live extension?

Many thanks

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  • Claveh
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    I had this exact problem on my 66 plate, very cute, Smart for two, which Mercedes Benz wanted to charge £175 just to make a diagnosis on......followed MikeBlob's advice and job is a gooden'.
    Just to add a little more advice, the obvious large screw, once removed, does allow you to pull the panel down to work with a tiny bit more space!

    Thank you so much MikeBlob, I owe you a pint! xxx
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    I had an identical problem today but didn’t fancy removing the panel to access the fuses as it appeared to be connected to the air bag. However using the solution outlined above I disconnected the battery left it for a few seconds and when I reconnected it the system rebooted itself so thanks for the solution and here is a simpler version without having to go to Halfords - good luck
  • AngryBird
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    Please also make sure you have the latest version of firmware installed - it will minimize such situations in the future. Update is free once you connect sd car to smart media connect application