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I don't know if I'm posting in the right area or not but hey....
I used Tyre to Travel Pro when I got my rider 400 as part of the package, lifetime subscription, this now appears to have gone due to various issues and has been replaced with another system My Route App, but this is an app which requires a subscription to be paid. I tried the 14 day trial which was a learning curve but now that has expired I'm left wanting. Anybody experiencing the same problems?
Any free alternative of similar quality to Tyre?
Many thanks.


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    After the 14-day trial MRA doesn't have the payed Gold options but you still can use MRA with the free Basic functions. (everything with Gold behind the option will not be available)

    Also Tyre is still available but you need your own Google maps API key https://janboersma.nl/gett/download.php