MyDrive Connect not recognising Start 20

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Have had TomTom Start 20 for around 4 years and used MyDrive Connect on several different machines, usually managing to get it to work after some tinkering with the PC but obtaining USB connection has always been a bit flaky.

Have recently done a clean Windows 10 install on my PC and have all the latest MS updates. Have installed fresh copy of MyDrive Connect 3 times now (uninstalling the drivers as required and doing numerous restarts). Am using a TomTom lead direct into the PC but keep getting a yellow triangle against the TomTom Network adapter line in Device Manager. Tried various means to Update Driver, including uninstall but all with no joy. The Device Status shows as 'Windows is still setting up the class configuration for this device. (Code 56)'.

A someone who is a techie (mainly computer hardware), this is really poor quality for a supposedly reputable brand like TomTom. There should be the option just to download maps and install them to the device without all this pratting about.