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I recently started using MyDrive route planner, and I have noticed a few problems that should be fixed.

1) Waypoints
In other posts, I have seen discussions of hard and soft waypoints. "Hard" means that you want to stop there. "Soft" means that you want the route to divert past this waypoint rather than using the default routing algorithm. I will refer to these as "Stops" and "Routing Waypoints".

Currently, MyDrive seems to only use Routing Waypoints in gpx files. Stops are shown differently on the map, but in a gpx route, they are identical to Routing Waypoints. MyDrive assumes that you want to continue riding without stopping until you reach the destination. I will illustrate this with an example. My route took me eastbound to Decew Falls, Ontario, which I set as a Stop. After visiting the falls, I wanted to return the way that I had come, so I set another waypoint to the west. MyDrive routed me past the falls to the east about 1km then turned me into a side street and told me to do a u-turn and then head back to the falls. This was an unnecessary detour.

What should have happened: I set Decew Falls as a Stop; this implies that I was going to stop. After stopping, you can usually restart in either direction; if this is not possible, the rider should be able to work out how to turn around without routing instructions, and of course in such circumstances the TomTom Rider will suggest where to do a u-turn. MyDrive should not have extended the route eastwards just to accomplish an unnecessary u-turn.

If I miss a waypoint when riding, the navigation behaviour should be different depending on the waypoint type.
- For a Routing Waypoint, I should be redirected back to the intended route, without necessarily going back to the missed waypoint.
- For a Stop, I should be redirected back to the missed waypoint, unless I choose to skip it.
Of course, the TomTom Rider needs to manage the waypoint types, not MyDrive, but it can't do this unless MyDrive distinguishes the types of waypoint.

Each time a Stop is reached, I should be instructed to stop.

2) Previous routing
As I develop a route in MyDrive, the route is not always what I want, so I add a Routing Waypoint to correct it. When I do this, the new route section is blue, and the discarded section is purple. This is a good idea, because I can see what has changed. However, I cannot get rid of the discarded sections. To accomplish this, I close the route and re-open it.
What is needed is a "Refresh" button. This would re-draw the route without discarded sections.

3) Show directions
If I click "Show directions", it shows "Continue to your waypoint at Hollow Rd". It would be better to show "Continue to waypoint 7 at Hollow Rd". This would make it easier to find a specific section in the directions.


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    Watch out with what TomTom calls "soft" stops (Routing Waypoint) on a TomTom device. They will easily be skipped during route recalculation. "hard" stops do not have this problem but you need to skip them using the "Current Route" menu option in case you want to skip a stop.

    If you don't like hard via point in your route you can export is as track to your device. This way there are no stops anymore.
    Only watch out for stops at side roads where use the same road to return to continue the rest of the route. (U-turn) These stops are often filtered out to support the import of external recorded track or tracks made whit other maps.
    In case of a real stop just split the track in to two stops. for example, before lunch an after lunch.