Removing a device from My Drive Connect

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I have replaced my START 25 with a VIA 52. My Drive Connect now shows both devices - how can I remove the redundant START 25 ??

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  • neilalan
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    There is no trashcan icon. I am unable to remove the device.
  • LAURE123
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    Hi @neilalan

    The advice given by @dhn is for devices that use the MyDrive Connect software for updates. See this topic.

    If your TomTom device is the XXL mentioned in your profile it was managed with TomTom Home software. You can not remove it from your account by yourself, this possibility does not exist in TomTom Home.

    Contact TomTom Customer Support who will do it for you. You do not mention your country of residence in your forum profile, the List Phone numbers to contact customer support.
    For the voice server do not select your device type until you have a TomTom agent or choose option 1, less than 5 years old.

  • VJF
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    Thanks to all for the info - I have successfully removed the Start 25.

  • Lost_Soul
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    Coincidentally, I have been trying to edit the name or remove my devices via MyDrive Connect and although I have the Trashcan Icon I keep on getting the following error message when trying to remove a device.

    "We are sorry something has gone wrong. It is currently not possible to remove your device from your account. Please try again." :s
  • Lost_Soul
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    In the end I uninstalled MyDrive Connect as suggested elsewhere and did a clean installation of the software .......................

    Eventually I managed to remove the devices from my account but now I cannot add the devices back ( to edit the names as I had 3 devices all called "Go") :'(

    I have uninstalled the MyDrive Connect software app yet again and then used the Revo uninstaller software to hopefully remove all traces of the software.......... :)

    When I go to add a device I connect my device using the "original Tomtom USB cable into a direct USB port" it appears to indicate the device is connected and then says to disconnect this device first but on doing so (pulling the USB cable from the port, I get a message saying the Tomtom Servers are busy now please try again .............. :s

    But the device is not being added back to my account!!!!

    I asked a Tomtom colleague to do the same and he could remove one of his devices from MDC, but could not add the device back which semi-suggests there is a fault at Tomtoms end ? @lampard @VikramK Can you please advise?

    Or any suggestions on how to add a device please?
  • VikramK
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    Hi @Lost_Soul

    Could you send me the serial number of your device through a PM ?