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Maps to SD?

RBEmersonRBEmerson Posts: 60 [Outstanding Explorer]
Is map storage on an SD possible? I need the USA and Europe maps but don't have room on the 550 for both.

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  • RBEmersonRBEmerson Posts: 60 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Great thanks for the answer!
  • RBEmersonRBEmerson Posts: 60 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I installed a 32 Gb SD, selected Format in the System area and didn't see any signs of whether the formatting "took" or not. I cycled power and tried to load the "Europe" map set, with the "USA" set in place. The Rider won't accept the new map - it complains about needing another 508 Mb.Now what?
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,475
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    Should be a Branded 16GB or 32GB (Max size) Class 10 Micro SDHC Memory Card....

    Format... Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> System --> Format Memory card....

    Be Aware...
    Maybe You have a Counterfeit Micro SD Card ???
    There are lots of Videos online... How to identify a FAKE Micro SD Memory Card... Just Google 'Counterfeit Micro SD Cards'

    I downloaded the Micro SD Card Test Program 'H2testw' from Softpedia
    It generates and copies 1GB files to the card until the card is full + Checks the Read/Write speed
    Note... The program 'H2testw' checked out as Virus free... Using Avast AV & Malwarebytes

    Luckily all my cards check out OK
    Use the above at your own discretion...

  • RBEmersonRBEmerson Posts: 60 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I'm 99% sure this particular SD, which came from my SD spares collection, is healthy. If the markings are right, it was used in one of my cameras.

    NTL H2testw is running at the moment.

    What file system (exFAT, etc.) does the Rider look for?
  • RBEmersonRBEmerson Posts: 60 [Outstanding Explorer]
    The SD passed H2testw.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,003
    Hi @RBEmerson

    The card should be formatted in your PC to Fat32. You should do a full format not a quick format.

    Then when inserted in the unit and if it does not ask you about formatting then go to Settings/System and format the card for maps

  • RBEmersonRBEmerson Posts: 60 [Outstanding Explorer]
    edited September 2019
    For whatever reason, SD simply wasn't "visible" to the RIDER. I popped it in and out a few times. It passed H2testw and works in other devices. I reformatted to FAT32. None of it mattered to the RIDER. Weird.
    Anyway, a second 32 Gb SD woke up the "new card!" note and life rolled on from there.

    Short answer, SD not readable in RIDER.
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