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I have a TT Go 6250 pro with life time traffic, speed cameras and map updated.
My Traffic is getting disconnected and not coming back, even after I reset the device.
This is almost 3rd week. What is going on?
After reset, it s connecting to traffic, then is getting disconnected again and not coming back.

My device serial number is : ZA2238I00403v73kgbru564j.jpg


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    Welcome to the club. I have the same problem. 2 days work fine... 2 days every hour restart to get connection. Still not solved.
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    Hello both

    If you have already done a factory rest then please contact customer service. They will be able to check the SIM status and advise accordingly.

    Also let them know what is the current GPRS status and your current location when you saw the connectivity failure.

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    the same navigator does not work traffic anywhere! only by phone ...

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    gog696 wrote: »
    таки самий навігатор непрацює трафік взагалі ніде! тількі через телефон...

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    The same navigator does not work traffic anywhere! only by phone .