Displaying Lat Long... But it only does so for 1 second!

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When you click on a map when route planning the TomTom displays the Latitude and Longditude very briefly before the data changes. Is there any way to access the Lat Long of a clicked locatioon or make it display permanently?


  • Lucify
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    The lat and long are only for reference and to detect your position but cannot be displayed permanently.
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    The only way I can get the Lat Long us to use Google My maps and then copy and paste the results into TomTom. I don't agree that the Lat Long can not form an integral part of My Places!
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    Hi @markolarko

    You could download the Mapzone App to your Phone. With this you are able to use a map similar to the Google Satellite view and input Addresses, Postcodes, Long/Lat or browse the map to identify places.

    Once you have the cursor on the map over the precise point you want you are then give an Address, Mapcode and Long/Lat for the position. Unfortunately the My Drive route Planner does not accept mapcodes but you can Cut and Paste the resutant Long/Lat into the My Drive route planner app .

    Mapdoes are precise enough that when you enter the Code in your search option on your PND or the Phone GO mobile/navigator App and accept the search result it can take you to a Parking Lot in a Car Park worldwide. If you enter DH.FX on your Tomtom it will route you to the middle gate at the front of Buckingham Palace in London. Anyone standing on the pavement at the side of the gate has a different Mapcode.

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    Hi DougLap
    Thanks for that. The way that this query came about was that I am planning a trip to Argentina for 5 weeks. I have booked my accommodation - some of which is very remote and off the track. Booking.Com produces a booking receipt which has the lat long (Not in Decimal!) that I need to plot. So using MyDrive to create My Places is my first task before creating a route. Verification of the given Lat Long is impossible as it is only displayed momentarily. I dont understand why this facility cant bea permanent display as part of My Places. Afterall this is what the GPS bases its calculations on. Seems rather strange to me that they dont just incorporate the data on the pop up permanently. See below..

  • YamFazMan
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    Maybe useful....
    Transfer the individual locations manually
    With Google maps and the MyDrive Web Route planner both running
    MDW Route planner Here... https://mydrive.tomtom.com
    (1)... Type the location into the Google Maps Search Box and Right click on the offered location and select 'What's here'
    (2)... Right click on the Map at the required location and select 'What's here'
    (3)... A small widow opens at the bottom of the screen... Click on the displayed Coordinates... the Coordinates are now displayed in the normal Search Box
    (4)... Copy the Coordinates & Paste them into the MyDrive Web Route planner (Press Enter on your Keyboard) the MDW Route planner will Zoom to the location and mark the location as the Route Starting point... Right click on the Icon to change it to a Stop, Destination or Plan a route