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Rider 410 no longer connects to Cardo Packtalk

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I've got a TomTom Rider 410 and a Cardo Scala Packtalk headset. They used to work well together, but since I only use it a few times a year I now discovered they don't get along anymore.

I can connect my phone to the TomTom and I can connect my phone to the Packtalk as well. However connecting the Packtalk to the TomTom no longer works.

From the packtalk I put it in pairing mode (for the gps devices / 2nd Bluetooth channel) and I then search from the TomTom, it pairs without a problem but afterwards it does not connect and the TomTom complains it cannot find the headset.

I've already tried a bunch of things, resetting my TomTom, connecting other devices, connecting to the first bluetooth channel on the Packtalk but all give the same error.

It does pair, afterwards it just does not connect, which basically makes it useless. Both the packtalk and the tomtom are fully up to date with firmware/software (perhaps that is the problem..)

Anyone having any ideas (leaving for bike holiday in a few days.. no rush ;))

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  • JarnoRiderJarnoRider Posts: 2 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Thanks RoadRider!

    I did a reset of the packtalk (that was the single one thing I hadn't tried yet) and that seems to have solved it (the firmware stayed at the latest 5.2 version for as far as I can see).
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