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iPhone 6s Battery Drain

Hi, I've the latest version of the App(2.0.1) on an iPhone 6s with iOS 12.4.1.
In one hour and a few minutes of navigation ,the app drains the battery extremely fast, even plugged to charger (USB Cable to Car Stereo). The only way to "End" a route with the iPhone alive is turning the iPhone in Low Consume mode (lossing accurancy and response of the device) and reducing the screen bright.
I saw other people complaining about this problem so I hope there are a lot of developers working on it.


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    Hi @AC3BCN,

    I have an iPhone 6s Plus running iOS 12.4.1 and TomTom GO 2.01.

    I don't have a problem with battery drain. In fact, my iPhone charges back up to 100% when running TomTom and other apps whilst in the car.

    What is your Battery Health? Back in December 2018, I took up Apple's offer of a cheap replacement battery (25.00 GBP) and it changed from 84% back to 100%. However, I've just checked and it's dropped to 99%.

    What amp are you charging your iPhone? 1.0 A isn't enough, you need a power supply of 2.0 A or even 2.1 A.

    Are you using a genuine Apple cable? Have you tried using another charging cable?

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    HI @PrivateerUK , thanks for you recommendations.
    The Battery Health now is 84%, the cable is genuine and i don't know the USB port ampers of my Alpine Stereo Car, I'll check it.
    But with the same cable and stereo car, and the previous version of the APP (TomTom Go Mobile 1.xxx) there was no problems, the phone charged to 100% while navigating and listening music with Spotify.
    So I thought the new version of the app cosumes more energy. May be I'm wrong, I don't know.
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    Hi @AC3BCN,

    The newer TomTom GO app may consume more energy than its predecessor. To be fair, I've not noticed.

    I might be wrong, but if you're powering your iPhone via your Alpine Stereo Car USB port then you may well find that it's output is 1.0A. You may need to check your stereo's manual for the specifications of the USB power.

    If you have a power socket (or cigarette lighter) then try using a Car Cigarette Lighter Adapter with 2.1 output.

    NB Warning. Looking on Amazon I see that 2.4A chargers are now available, please check that your iPhone can safely take that!

    Hope this helps! =)

    p.s. Whilst it's not necessary for navigation. As your iPhone's health is at 84% you may want to consider getting the battery changed if you're going to keep the iPhone for a long time.
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