i dont want to answer the phone on it ,help.

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i was talking on the phone next to my satnav and halfway through the nav took over the call. i looked and saw the phone screen had the app open. i think the app gave me an option whilst i was talking and my cheek must have rubbed the screen and said "yes", i spent the rest of the call shouting at my nav. since i wasn't driving it was a pain. any tips?


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    Hi @bryin

    I assume if you:-

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap Bluetooth
    Tap your Phone ID

    You have the unit set up for Handsfree phone calling which will work anytime you are with in Bluetooth range of the GO620.. You can deselect this but it means that the handsfree will not work whilst you are driving. Alternatively on your Phone turn Bluetooth off when you don't need it.