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New Tom Tom start 52

I bought a new Tom Tom start 52 a month ago but there are no recent system updates or quarterly updates available and map in it is April 2018. I never realised until now as it is my first one and I assumed everything would have updated if necessary. I need it to show the new Forth Road bridge in Edinburgh for my holiday. Looking on Tom Tom site I did everything I am supposed to have done. There is a map share available which does not update when you click on it even after I left it for an hour to see if it would start. Any easy solutions? I am off on holiday tomorrow so looking for an easy quick fix!

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  • Lynne_M123Lynne_M123 Posts: 7 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thank you! It has updated and only took a few minutes. The map share community map that shows does not update, I don't know if it should for my TomTom, but as long as the road map has updated I am happy
  • Lynne_M123Lynne_M123 Posts: 7 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Sorry, another question. My TomTom does not show in the settings a newer map is on it. Should it?
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 10,933 Moderator
    Hi @Lynne_M123

    Looking at the download logs I see that the latest map v10.35 has been downloaded.

    Could you do a factory reset and check again.

    Menu- Settings-System-Reset device

  • Lynne_M123Lynne_M123 Posts: 7 [Apprentice Traveler]
    It says on the TomTom to reinstall a map I already own or buy one but on my drive connect it says it is already installed and so I can not reinstall it. What do I do to reinstall?
  • Lynne_M123Lynne_M123 Posts: 7 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Can anyone help me to reinstall a map when the tomtom says no maps installed??
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 10,933 Moderator
    Hi @Lynne_M123

    The team has created jobs to fix the map on issues on your device. Connect it to MyDrive Connect and let the jobs get processed.

    The device may reboot during this process.

    Disconnect and connect again to check for updates.

  • Lynne_M123Lynne_M123 Posts: 7 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Sorry for the late reply. I was on holiday - without my TomTom!
    It still never worked. My Tom Tom says No maps available but the My drive connect says it is up to date. Have I got a faulty one?
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 18,473
    edited September 2019

    With MyDrive Connect running... Main Window open
    Click on the Cog Wheel Icon Screen top right
    Click on the Downloads Tab
    Empty download folder
    Save settings

    Another way... Also its a quick fix if MyDrive Connect is playing up... Saves deleting and reinstalling MDC

    I've created a Shortcut on the Desktop to open the Tomtom folder that contains the 'HOME3' & 'Mydrive Connect' Folders

    Delete the Home3 and the Mydrive Connect Folder
    If you have installed MyDrive Connect to the default location using Windows 10
    It's located here... C:\Users\"Your Computers Name goes here"\AppData\Local\TomTom\

    If you delete the Home3 and the Mydrive Connect Folder it removes the Cache Folders & Contents, Prefs.ini, cookies.ini. Logs and Configuration.xml files and and force a reload of the Cache Data
    A new Home3 and MyDrive Connect and their contents are created afresh the next time you use MyDrive Connect
    You will have to login again, as if you had just installed MyDrive Connect

    Edit... Added Bullet-point (1.1)

    (1)... Disconnect the SatNav from the PC and reset it by holding down the off button for 20 secs until you hear the ‘drumbeat’ release the button....
    (1.1)...Right Click on the MyDrive Connect Icon on the Window Task bar and 'Quit' MyDrive connect....
    (2)... Opening ‘Run’ on the PC (click on the windows symbol bottom left – type ‘Run’ in the search box to open ‘Run’.
    (3)... Type into the ‘run’ box %localappdata%/TomTom
    (4)… Press Enter... A new window opens, delete the Home3 and MyDrive Connect folders
    (5)... Close all windows
    (6)... Turn on the SatNav and reconnect it to the PC and open ‘My Drive Connect’
    You will have to login again, as if you had just installed MyDrive Connect

  • Lynne_M123Lynne_M123 Posts: 7 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I tried the first one, emptied folders and still no difference.
    I tried the second one. Needed to go into task manager to stop tomtom as the folders would not delete as something was open (MDC was not open). Had to log in again as directed but it said up to date and sat nav says no maps. I tried removing the tomtom from my devices and restarted MDC again. When I put in the start 52 again it was back to up to date on MDC and no maps available on the tomtom.
    Any other suggestions?
  • Lynne_M123Lynne_M123 Posts: 7 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Yes the Western Europe one has updated . The United Kingdom and republic of Ireland one says 'Invalid map' on my Tom Tom. Thank you
    When the United Kingdom updates next time will I be able to update it?
  • lampardlampard Posts: 5,090 Moderator
    Hi @Lynne_M123

    I've already reported this to the team on Friday and hopefully. we should have a fix ready before the next map release for UK. I'll keep you posted!

    Thanks, lampard
  • lampardlampard Posts: 5,090 Moderator
    edited September 2019
    Hi @Lynne_M123

    I think we found what might be causing the invalid UK map on your device. Can you please follow the steps in the link here to apply the changes I made in the back-end and re-download the UK map on your device. See if it;s the same after this!

    Thanks., lampard
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