Auto idle when no external power

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I have a dedicated TomTom GO 5200 that shuts down when the external power disappears - smart!

I also use a dedicated iPhone with the TomTom GO app in my 2nd car. BUT i don't have the same power option on my iPhone.

I would like the following feature: When the external power disappears the App should no longer require the iPhone screen to be active.

I guess the TomTom iPhone app automatically keeps the screen on while the App is active - smart enough, but when You (like me) use a dedicated spare iPhone as navigation device in Your car - You lack the power off/idle functionality of the TomTom GO 5200. This could be made as a simple setup tick to enable the normal iPhone idle time-out when no external power is present while the TomTom GO iPhone app is in front.

I hope the SW developers will get this request.

Any comments?
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Leif Nielsen