Why are suggested errors in maps not being incorporated?

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During the last 5 years I have suggested several map-updates (incorrect max. speed, incorrect streets) to TomTom's mapshare-reporter (https://www.tomtom.com/mapshare/tools/iFrame?CustomerId=TomTom), via the GO-app (Android), and via my Rider 400, but until now none of these suggestions have been incorporated in the maps or mapshare-updates.

Anyone got an idea what the reason(s) may be so I can decide to continue or stop suggesting.


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    A couple of years ago, I purchased the Map for Britain and used it all over the UK. It was so finely detailed and correct, BUT why are Australian Maps so wrong? For someone who is into late 70's, I find the high-tec method of reporting new road-speeds and even road-changes quite difficult!! If I can get an 'authorised sign-in' approved by TomTom somehow, why couldn't I report updates directly to TomTom and start to get our Australian Maps a little closer to 'CORRECT????'