Urgent HELP - why does my map update not show on my TomTom?

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Hi All,

I have a TomTom GO 520 (WiFi), registered to my account. We are travelling to the US next week, and this weekend went online to buy our US & Canada map.

Purchase failed - a problem with the profile. For some reason my location is locked in as United Kingdom so I was unable to purchase a map on the Australia site. Using information from these very forums, I attempted the purchase on the UK TomTom site. While it took a couple of days to come through (I learned patience with PayPal purchase delays, also on these forums), the purchase is now complete - Yahoo!

BUT... How do I load the map to the device?

All the references talk about downloading TomTom Home or TomTom MyDrive and connecting the unit to the computer. Well, this unit WILL NOT connect to the computer (PC front USB or back USB, laptop any USB). Also, it seems as it's a WiFi unit attaching to the computer shouldn't be necessary.

I found maps for download on the unit so have downloaded a USA / Canada map but I don't know if this is just something you can download without purchase (as there are many others listed for download, none of which I've purchases), or if I was only able to download because I have purchased that specific map??? How do I know?

And TomTom keeps telling me it's all up-to-date...

I really don't want to get to America and find we don't have a working map system. We will be doing a LOT of driving!


Thank you in advance...

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    Thank you everyone! This is honestly one of the better help forums I've used.

    I've contacted TomTom support and they're refunding the map.

    As an aside, they cannot amend the country but advised the workaround is to register the account with a different email address.



    PS. Pretty impressed with TomTom's support team too, quick response, very professional!
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    Hi @Leesree

    I'm glad to know that you found the help you were looking for! Can you please click on the 'yes' for answering the question? This will helps others who have the same problem. :)

    Cheers, lampard