Can I still get my free 3yrs upgrade from TomTomEurope to TomTom Go

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Ok, so I'm a slow adopter. I had TomTom Europe on an old iphone5s that I didn't use that often. It worked fine so I dreaded a bit on upgrading to the free 3-year subscription variant of TomTom Go on iPhone.
Now I traded in my iphone 5s for a new iPhone8, I realised I couldn't reinstall the old version on iPhone 8 but had to step into TomTom Go. No sweat, however, I can 't activate the free upgrade anymore. Neither could I start the upgrade on my old iphone 5s: starting the upgrade from the old TomTom Europe app, the men item upgrade prompts me to log in (works ok), but doesn't complete activation (try again later). Is the free upgrade plan terminated? Are there alternatives to claim the upgrade? I paid 75 euros for the old app, which now feels a bit like a steal...


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    Hi there,

    Sorry about my late reply! With the release of our new 3rd generation app - TomTom GO Navigation, we can no longer migrate users from our 1st gen app: The Navigation app for iPhone. (in your case TomTom Europe)

    We supported the migration to the 2nd gen app: TomTom GO Mobile for more than three years, ensuring that as many users as possible were compensated. You can download the new app from App store and choose the subscription between 1/3/6 months.

    Thanks, lampard
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    Hi @lampard, thx for your reply.
    Perfectly understand TomTom's position and business rationale. So no hard feelings there.
    BUT: I do like TomTom and how they design things, so I am a bit disappointed that they neglected a few touch points in my overall customer experience walking this customer journey.
    Unfortunately the following happened between posting my comment and receiving your response.

    1) Nowhere in the app, or the page you are led to from the old app when you click the button "upgrade" does it mention the free upgrade period has ended. I think it shouldn't have been that much trouble for the developers/maintenance engineers to post exactly that message on the error page rather than leaving the confusing "try again later message".
    Updating the error page on the terminated upgrade program shouldn't be that hard?

    2) Your support pages to re-install the app on (both the Dutch and UK version) state something that is incorrect and actually made me feel I got ripped off 80 euros again:

    "To install the app you first need to click on the app price and then tap Buy. Don’t worry - after you have entered your Apple ID and password the App Store recognises that you already own the app. You will not be charged to re-install it."

    Well the Apple store did charge me the 80 euros for the outdated app again. So now I've paid 160 euros for an app with limited use.
    I can live with the loss of the free upgrade and de depreciation of the 1st time expense, that's life. However I am curious what options remain to get compensation for the second time I had to pay 80 euros to re-install the app.