Error 107 on 1005 live

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I’ve just been given a go live 1005 to replace my old Tom Tom live,
It showed fault 107, so I’ve purchased the download tonight to install live services,
The site informed me to turn the device off and then back on to automatically install the download,
But as yet nothing has happened and still showing Error 107
Help please.


  • fergussion
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    Error 107 usually signifies a sim related problem. try a reset, pressing and holding the on/off button till the device gives a drum music.
  • Bobtaylor
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    Hi Fergussion,
    Many thanks for the reply,
    I actually phoned TomTom today and spoke to a really helpful chap,
    He told me the same, and tried to re start the sim, but had no joy with it.
    He sent me an email later, confirming this and has re funded my money.
    Seems a bit odd to me that the sim can not be re activated or replaced if it has been unused for over a year, in such an expensive item
    Regards. Bob..
  • NealHa
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    I've the same problem - I didn't manage to update my Live Services on my GoLive 1005 in 2018 (due to ill health), but have now been told by customer services that it can never operate as a Live product again (obviously, its raison d'etre).

    This short time limit to disconnection wasn't mentioned at time of purchase, is not anywhere in the manual, nor does not appear when I connect to MyDrive, nor does not appear on my account settings page on the website, and nor did not appear when I renewed my Live Services subscription yesterday. The only time-warning appearing is on account settings - about my device reaching the end of its life if I have not updated anything in 36 months - which doesn't apply to my device.

    Looking through my emails, it seems that I was warned at one point of needing to take action shortly before disconnecting the sim card, but when I had clicked on one of the TomTom warning emails, I was told about the GPS fix needed. Apparently there were warnings sent to me about two different issues at the same time, and I'd opened the wrong one to stop this problem.

    So, customer services tell me that there's nothing that they can do; that because I didn't resubscribe in 2018 (I had done faithfully for years previously), I can never use my device as intended again. This seems very wrong, given the whole premise of the Go Live devices. Is there anything that can be done, please?

    As Bob states, it seems very odd if TomTom has put itself in a position where it can't reactivate or replace sims for loyal repeat customers. At the very least, surely they'd tie it to the same period as already warned for the device reaching the end of its life - 36 months?

    Incidentally, I did see on MyDrive Connect that I was offered a 'loyalty discount' to just under £300 to purchase a new device. Now, the cynic in me... :/
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    My camper Go Live 1005 keeps turning off then back on again can anyone tell me how to sort it out or is it knackered I have done a drum roll reset