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SmartCar System Update and Subscription

MikeBlobMikeBlob Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
I downloaded Mydrive connect, installed and ran with the SD card from the smat car in the SD drive of a Windows 10 Laptop.

The MyDrive Connect Application is sitting there seemingly doing nothing but stating DOWNLOADING ITEMS. The SD Card has 4 items downloaded bout an hour ago. The four items are TOMTOM.000 TOMTOM.001 TOMTOM.002 and TOMTOM.003.

TOMTOM.001 is a recognised 8 ZIP Archive". TOMTOM.000 TOMTOM.001 TOMTOM.002 are each 2097,152 Kb in size, and TOMTOM.003 is 1,467,744Kb.

I believe the download is complete and yet MyDrive Connect is doing nothing but is stuck stating Downloading.

Please advise what should be done to get MyDrive Connect to continue the update of the SD card. Thanks.


  • MikeBlobMikeBlob Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
    So... The answer to the first issue I had was that the MyDrive Connect needed to be closed and restarted. On doing that the download began again, and this time there was a dial showing time and % complete. An hour later, MyDrive Connect displayed YOU'RE READY TO GO!

    I replaced the SD card in the Smart Car and the TomTom Built in system indicated a system update was available and I agreed to continue. An hour and three reboots later a message "Update Failed" flashed briefly on the screen. Luckily maps began to display again after a short while. Its not clear what had actually "failed".... any ideas from anyone please?
  • MikeBlobMikeBlob Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
    Another question is.... should I consider paying the £53.95 for a year's Live Services extension? Is the system now up to date and is the extension worth it?.... why no speed camera alerts any more?
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