My Places - Categories and Comment

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MyDrive is really nice to organize our places and routes.

What could be really good is to be able to organize, in folders, our places and routes. Why not adding different colors to the different places? We could hide/show the folder not to see everything in the map.
We could also add a comment for each place.

With that TomTom will really be on top of all other competitors that allow more organization in the "favorites" places

Thanks for reading.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Ganbin

    Better POI management has always been a request on the communities. We have been forwarding this feedback to the team as we keep a track of such requests.

    Organizing them into a folder is not available but I would suggest that you see a workaround suggested by @YamFazMan to categorize POI's.

    Adding comments is another interesting feedback and I will include that in my list as I post this comment.

    Vikram :)
  • Ganbin
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    Thanks for your answer, Glad that the community feedbacks are taken in account.

    The workaround doesn't work for me I am using a Mac. I'm sure I can find something to do with Mac but I prefere to wait an official solution.
  • PrivateerUK
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    Hi @Ganbin,

    I agree with @VikramK that we (TomTom users) need much better custom POI management, especially as TomTom PNDs and iOS and Android apps all had this functionality to have multiple POI categories AND show the POIs on the map and navigation screens.

    As for POIs, why not use sub-categories? I have multiple sub-categories in one file by using square brackets [] with abbreviations or acronyms for each category?

    As for being a Mac user, it’s not a problem if you use MS Excel for your master POI lists. Other spreadsheets may also work.

    Soz I’m in a hurry at the moment, I’ll try and post later on.