How to contact supervisor with complaint?

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2 years ago I purchased a new GO52.. After over 3 hours on the phone the updated maps could not be downloaded to my new device. I used my old TomTom as a result in Europe. This year I wanted to try my new Go52 again. And once again the support person could not get us connected to TomTom services. Another 3 plus hours!!!! I am livid. The customer support person is forwarding all the information regarding what we tried (multiple strategies) and said they will be back in touch with me. I am a very patient person but am running on LOW. Leaving to Europe again soon. Need navigation assistance. TomTom has been no help.


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    Hi @FigEater52

    Sorry to hear about your experience with our customer service.

    I reviewed your account and I am unable to find the incident number for your contact.

    Could you send me the incident number through a PM please? I should then be able to arrange assistance.