Can the voice place name be corrected for TAUNTON, Somerset?

Topsham Lad
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The pronunciation for the place sounds like the place is spelt TANTON when it should sound as though it is spelt TAWNTON.


  • fergussion
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    Which voice are you using? Try a reset to see if there is any improvement.

    You posted this in a wrong section of the forum.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @Topsham Lad

    Whilst I can sympathise with your request near where we live are a couple of places humans can’t pronounce correctly. When I say correctly I mean how the locals say it.

    How would you say Wrotham. A couple of versions are Rotham or Roo -tham. Locally it is known as Root ham without the gap in the words. .

    Another is Meopham. Often call Me O Fam locally it is known as Mepam

    Have you been to Happisburgh. Believe it is pronounced as Haysborough. .

    What chance a computerised voice???

    Doug 😂😂
  • John-Jay
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    DougLap wrote: »
    Hi @Topsham Lad

    Have you been to Happisburgh. Believe it is pronounced as Haysborough. .

    Doug 😂😂

    Know that place well! If any visitor was to ask for directions to "Happiburgh" (trying to phonetically pronounce it), the locals were likely to say that they've NEVER heard of the place!! ;);)

    Would suggest that the "borough" part is probably more truncated - hence I would suggest it is more like Haysboro!

    Mind you I did always deliberately mis-pronounce it as:-
    Happy's Bug-ger!