Why is my chest strap not picking up my HR when exercising?

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I bought my watch some years back and soon added a chest strap to ensure correct capture of HR and had great results. However, after about a year+ of working without problems I started having issues with the chest strap not picking my HR up correctly for parts of the session. The chest strap was replaced and initially seemed to work properly, but then the problem returned with it only picking up my HR intermittently. I have monitored the strap over the last year and have tried all sorts of things and unsuccessfully asked Support for assistance to correct the problem or find a solution. I have tried a factory reset, re-positioning the strap on the chest during workout, changed batteries, wetting the sensors, drying the sensors etc. but nothing seems to correct the issue. Any ideas?


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    Probably a bad strap. The internal wiring probably got damaged or fried or the connectors went bad if a new battery does not help. Since you are now out of warranty there is nothing to be done except buy a new strap. It does not have to be a TT one (which were discontinued) and I would recommend a Polar OH-1 which goes on the upper arm and is super accurate.