Is there any way to install '24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring' on a TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio Watch?

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This function would be very useful to me and it would appear my watch has the capability, but it seems this function is only available on certain models, namely the: TomTom Spark / Runner GPS watches but I don't see the 'Tracker' function on my Multi-Sport Cardio watch?? Is this just a ploy to force me to have to buy a brand new watch?! This is a Cardio watch, surely it wouldn't to be too hard to update the software? Also, I wish the Multi-Sport had a 'Walking' function, the activities regarding walking are a little vague to say the least... many thanks in advance for any help and information.


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    Are you sure it is a Cardio model (under About does it say Cardio and are there LEDs on the back). It is only on later models for several reasons, first off, the original MS watches had limited memory space so there is no room for the programming or storage of the subsequent data (which is why they were discontinued years ago). Second, it as added later as a selling point to sell more watches. What incentive would they have to give it away for free? You could then just buy a cheap MS and get a free upgrade rather than buying a Spark/Runner.

    This is all a moot point anyway, as TT Sports went out of business almost two years ago and ceased all production and development. the watches are dead, anything on the market is old inventory or used, so you need to move on to another brand.

    Again, as they are out of business, no new sports modes will be added, so no Walking.