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Still not working. How can my satnav update with no maps?

I've had an issue with my Start 50 for just under 2 weeks now, to start with when I was updating it the maps got corrupt so I got the message "No maps available", I removed the device off the mydrive app then I couldn't get it back on.

Vikram on the Forum helped us which got the Satnav back onto the MyDrive app, but it still kept updating, we left it on for 2 days completely, and nothing changed, we phoned up on the 22nd and we got told there was 35 pending updates, we again left it on for 24 hours and nothing changed. How long are 35 updates supposed to take?

My issue is, how can my satnav update something that isn't there? There are no maps on the device, so how can speed cameras and maps update?.

I have turned my laptop on today to try and discuss this with TomTom on the phone and I have got absouletly no where and for some reason the satnav is no longer on the device again. I'm not prepared to pay to get this repaired when surely there is a way to fix it as it's only a software issue.


  • alan123alan123 Posts: 11 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Requested a call from a manager, I was told they the call back would definitely be today, surprise surprise never happened.
  • fergussionfergussion Posts: 79 [Supreme Navigator]

    I had a similar issue with updates on the my GO 6100. I took to my mother in-laws house and tried on her computer and ta-daa... updates worked like a charm. Just a suggestion.
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