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Hi, I have a week to renew my subscription and I'm seriously considering not doing it.

I don't know how or why this happens, and whether it's widespread or not, but half the times I start TomTom GO, it can take an incredible amount of time (up to minutes) to display traffic (the traffic icon is greyed out with an x until this happens). Yet. it connects to MyDrive Sync immediately and all five other satnav applications I tried show traffic as soon as I request it.

That means that I'm sitting in my car, staring at the phone screen and waiting for the red/orange lines to appear, praying they do appear to begin with. Disabling and enabling cellular data sometimes accelerates this process, sometimes it doesn't. There were cases when I was trying to get traffic information for over half an hour, which included the above mentioned disabling-enabling mobile data, restarting the application several times, restarting the phone, and reinstalling the whole application. Still couldn't get any traffic information.

So because of this I now have two additional satnav applications installed. Their navigation UI isn't as nice as that of TomTom GO, but as you can imagine, a nice UI doesn't outweigh unreliability of basic service, especially when it's a premium service.

In addition to that, I've been a paying customer for two or three years, but I don't remember a single noteworthy improvement to the application. I still can't avoid a spot on the route, report anything but a speed camera (useless to well-mannered drivers), traffic information is still limited to about 100 mile radius...

So the questions are:

Can I do anything to make TomTom traffic reliably load within acceptable times? Or does TomTom plan to fix this any time soon?

Is there some roadmap for the future of the application? Or at least some plans?



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    This is not going to stop you starting your travels.
    It will pickup and the GPS app will make the correction if traffic problems are along your way.

    Leaving your home or work you know where the traffic problems are.
    The same with going to a store or the doctor.

    Now if you planned a trip like I said you will get your traffic info after a min or so.
    Even if it takes a little longer it is not big deal.

    This happens with standalone units too.
    My wife is always saying what is taking so long.

    We never get to where we are going late.
    Plus or minus 5 or 10 mins. is no big deal.

    You never know when there will be a big problem on the highway anyway and traffic info has not been relayed yet to you because of info taking some time to get to the app.

    There are time when the app or the standalone unit tells you there is traffic ahead and when you get there there is no traffic.

    So I find wait to get traffic info no necessary.
    Just start driving you will get your traffic info and the route will be corrected as you go.

    If where you are going will run into any traffic.
    But on the other hand if there is no traffic problems then waiting is a waste of time too.

    Just stat driving.........;
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    No, it's not going to stop my travels. Not using the application at all is not going to stop my travels either. They'll just be occasionally longer.

    As I said, it doesn't always pick up. And honestly I don't think driving two miles down a road only to be told to u-turn if it does manage to connect is good or even acceptable.

    When I'm leaving home for my daily commute, I have three possible paths to choose. All of them have traffic problems. All of them vary day to day from almost no traffic at all to an hour of sitting in traffic. So yes, I want and very much expect to know traffic before I set off. Especially from a premium service when free alternatives do provide traffic instantly.
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    I drove in some of the heaviest traffic area's in Europe.
    Between Brussels and Antwerp.

    Many time both the stand alone GPS UNIT and the GPS app told me to get off the highway and take the ring road you will say 15 to 20 mins.

    Not so it added an hour to my driving sometimes more.
    Tested this on and off for 7 years.
    It was better to just stay where you are.

    Getting off the high and taking a ring road you run into to many traffic light.
    It has a speed limit of 50 and you are lucky to go 10.
    It takes 3 or 4 traffic light changes to get through and then you have the next traffic light and you repeat the stop and go over again.

    Then you have to deal with the local traffic that does not need to take the highway to get home.

    So having traffic info is not always the best.
    When it comes to going to work or driving home.
    Most if not all user's know what they are dealing with.
    Sometimes it is better just to turn off the GPS altogether.

    When it comes to taking a trip you pick the best time to leave.
    You leave on a Friday morning at 9:00 you know dam well you have traffic to deal with.

    No GPS app or stand alone GPS unit is going to help you with that.

    It comes down to planing your trip and picking the best time to leave.
    The same goes for returning from you trip.

    This I have never ran into.

    I quote you:

    "As I said, it doesn't always pick up. And honestly I don't think driving two miles down a road only to be told to u-turn if it does manage to connect is good or even acceptable."

    I know where I am driving to. Never had to make a u-turn.

    The only time I had to do that is when I miss a turn while talking to the wife.
    Or just wait till the GPS found another way to go.

    Just remember no GPS is 100% correct.
    I lot of info is gather from other user.
    That can be question as to how correct it is.

    Maybe by removing the app altogether and reinstalling it will help.

    Or not having other apps running that could delay the info.
    Anything is possible now a days.
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    @Asprin - I'm not sure how any of this is helping the original poster?

    Other than an 'if it's not working then don't use it' message , the only suggestions offered are 'Maybe by removing the app altogether and reinstalling it will help.' and 'Or not having other apps running that could delay the info.' - both of which the OP has already tried.

    @DamienH - have you tried contacting TomTom support? There may be something amiss with your account at the server end.
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    Hi @dmulv , thanks for that response.

    Yes, I did try to contact them - the official support chat on this website was rather unhelpfully giving me only canned messages or broken English saying more or less the same thing. Before (as well as after) that, I tried to reach them through Twitter and they've always misunderstood the issue by focusing on immediate service outages instead of long term issues with reaching it or they said something along the lines of "we have passed on your feedback & comments to our apps team".

    I'm actually curious as to what causes this regardless of whether or not it gets solved.

    Maybe the new GO Android version that's supposed to come out later this year will deal with it. I think I'll postpone the subscription until then though.

    By the way, TomTom is going to have an AMA on Reddit in /r/androiddev today.
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    See that you were saying the TomTomGO takes a minute to give you traffic.

    Would it not be easier to start TomTomGO before you leave the house or work?

    So by the time you get to the car and you have to unlock and open the door and sit in.

    TomTomGo would ave already received traffic info correct???

    We are talking one min. here not 10 mins.

    Walking to to your car opening the door and sitting in would of taken you what 2 to 3 mins.

    Then sitting down putting your phone in the cradle and adding power to it.

    And the car is not even started yet and you still need to put your seat belt on.
    Drive out of the driveway or leave work. still has to be done.

    Saying that because it takes a min to get traffic you will not renew your subscription.

    We are not talking about no traffic at all.

    Is one min. really that big of a problem if you put TomTomGo on before hand.????

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    No, I said "up to minutes" so actually yes, we are talking 10 minutes at times. Or even 30. No traffic at all. And this is when I have to actively help the thing and disable-enable internet connection (even the official TomTom support suggested doing that), so just turning it on in advance doesn't always help. I know this because, shockingly enough, I've been doing this for a while if I remember.

    Yes, it is a big deal when there is no conceivable reason for it and when none of the competition (some of which is free I should add) does not inconvenience me in this way.
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    OK I have tested TomTomGO on 3 smartphones.

    In Belgium, Holland and Germany from Thursday to today.

    It took 25 to 30 seconds for traffic to show on all 3 smartphones.

    As I do not know what country you are taking about the problem could be there.

    Or just deleting everything and starting over again.

    Or you are having problems with your smartphone.

    The longest I have ever had to wait for Traffic to show on the screen was a 1 1/2 minute.

    Both with TomTomGo, Sygic and with my Garmin stand alone unit.

    Unless Traffic has completely fallen out I find 10 to 30 minutes strange.

    Maybe if you were to spell out how you have TomTomGo setup on your smartphone.

    What smartphone you are using and the Android version maybe it would be clearer why you are having these problems.

    Has this been something that has just started or has it been there all along?
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    The countries are the UK, Austria, Czechia, Germany, Switzerland, the US, Belgium, Spain. I travel a lot.

    I did delete everything and started again as I said in my very first post.

    No other application does this, so I'd suggest my smartphone is not the problem. It's Blackberry Priv running Android 6.

    It could be that the traffic service was out in the instances when it took me over ten minutes to get traffic information (or I didn't get it at all), but if that's so, it happens way too often.

    I don't know what could I possibly change in the setup to create any adverse effects, especially not of this kind.

    I don't remember this ever not being the case, but nothing's changed about my habits or devices.

    Oh and by the way, just to make things more interesting, sometimes the traffic loads before the phone locks onto my location, which can be hundreds of kilometres from my original location, so thanks to TomTom's nonsensical 150 km traffic radius limitation, I now have traffic of an area I'm not in.