GO Comfort: Can Device Create Points Of Interest (POI) Like My XXL Did?

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I recently upgraded from a TomTom XXL to a Go Comfort. One of the features I really liked about the XXL was its ability to create Points Of Interest.

I had created dozens of categories (such as Fishing Locations, Clients, Churches, Restaurants, Cemeteries, etc.) and carefully put my Points of Interest in the proper categories in my TomTom XXL.. I have over 1,000 Points Of Interest.

When I searched for a specific Point Of Interest in a category on my XXL, the device, it would show me all the Points of Interest within a certain distance in alphabetical order making the Points Of Interest very easy to find.

It appears that my Go Comfort does not have the ability to make categories and Points of Interest, but instead puts all my added locations into one place called "My Places."

Is it (the ability to create Points Of Interest) there in my Go Comfort device and I just can't find that feature (that my old TomTom XXL had)?

(***NOTE: I was able to import my old Points Of Interest from my old XXL into my Go Comfort using MyDrive on my computer from the files I had backed up on its software (TomTom Home).

Thanks in advance for any comments.

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    Thank you very much for your detailed response!!!!!!