Crackly voice instructions when I do get them!

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Having a nightmare with my new Rider 550, can’t get music to play and get turn instructions working in sync. Yesterday I got the first 3 or 4 turn instructions and then it seems to stop? My music continued but just no voice instruction for turning. When I do get instructions though the voice is very crackly sounding and difficult to understand. Also, you supposed to get text messages displayed on the Rider, I can’t get this to work.

I have set the Rider up according to the Tomtom YouTube video with my Packtalk, iPhone 8 on channel 1 and Rider on channel 2 etc. All devices have been updated as well.

This is becoming really frustrating,


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    If you don't use the Apple Siri function and text messages you can try to use WiFi Hotspot to replace the BT connection with your Phone.

    This is not supported by TomTom and it can use more mobile Data. But it just works.