TomTom Sport app is no longer responding

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@lampard Since about 5 weeks there has probably been an update in the sports app, when I open the sports app there will be a movie of sports and the snowboarders stop the app and the pop up with send feedback also flashes very quickly and is gone even faster. Use the app for my golfer 2 se and here I could see everything in the app I also called tomtom but there it is said that there is no telephone support for the sports app, lampard hope that you can help me (or someone else) with the same problem). I have already removed and re-installed the app 10 times, but that doesn't matter.


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    Hi @wuls

    Welcome to the Community! Are you using the Android/iOS version of the Sports App? Can you try re-installing the Sports App on your Smartphone? If it's Android, remove/delete the 'TomTom_MySports' folder from the internal storage of your device.

    Once this is done, pair the device again from scratch by resetting the connections and removing the existing Bluetooth connections from your smartphone, see here: Android/iOS

    Regards, lampard