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I have just brought my two daughters a TomTom spark, so we now have three. Unfortunately their tablets are not compatible, how do I download their data, can a laptop detect which watch is which and open the correct account?


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    Yes, as long as they are set up under different email addresses they will have different accounts and when you sync via the one laptop it will send it to the respective account.

    May I ask why you bought new TomTom watches considering they went out of business almost two years ago and ceased all production and development? There are no replacement straps or other accessories available and any existing issues with the watches (like rapid battery drain and connectivity issues) will never be addressed. I would strongly consider returning them and going with a brand that is active in the market. Any discount you got on them will not be worth how short lived they are as they are dead products. Once the strap breaks (which it will quickly) it will be rendered useless.
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    Thanks for the update, they were discounted in eBay and for a first watch for my daughters, has a lot of functionality, music, cardio, which you can't get at that price point, Lots and lots of straps on eBay and Amazon, if they run seriously, we might go Garmin, but had mine for two years and had no issues 😀