Traffic Service Unavailable

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One day it is all working perfectly, the next day I don't have traffic service. Bluetooth connection to phone ok, and the TomTom says Traffic Service Activated, but I don't have any traffic service working.
Happened before and it suddenly started working. This time it hasn't worked for a couple of days.
Any ideas?


  • patoch3
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    me it's the same, I paid my renewal and it does not work anymore
  • lampard
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    Hi @patoch3

    Sorry to hear about that! I can see that the Live services subscription on your account is active and I would advise you to follow the steps in the public FAQ here to troubleshoot the issues with Live services on your Carminat device: TomTom Traffic or LIVE Services isn't working

    regards, lampard
  • Ditheduck
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    Working again and I may have spotted the issue. I noticed that the lead into the charge socket in the car had come a bit loose so gave it a good jiggle and all working again.
    So although the TomTom showed a half charge all the time maybe the traffic services don't work well if it isn't properly charged in to a charge socket and isn't fully charged??
    Anyway cross fingers that is the solution because nothing else worked.
  • Klok
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    There is a major problem with receiving traffic information in the Netherlands. A failure in the Vodafone network is probably the problem.
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    16 of august the traffic service failt and still is after contact whit tom tom there is a problem whit the service well i could tell you that my self
    But still no update to fix the problem
    So not a happy tom tom user