Crashing GO 6200

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Today while i was out at work my go6200 decided to throw a wobbly...first the screen went blank then it showed a totally flat battery despite being on the tomtom mount charging with the supplies usb adapter.....then i got a picture of a computer screen with a device and cable.
Then after all that it came up with no maps installed so i tethered it to my Iphone and used up nearly a gig of data to download the uk/ireland map.
When i checked in maps my Europe map wasn't there just the one i had just downloaded...when i checked later my European map had re appeared....what the bloody hell is going on with these devices.....Garmin for me next time and so glad i didn't get the premium x


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    I found that the cable point in the mount does not always stay in place and can slip just a little which means that the unit is not always being charged, when the battery is exhausted it goes blank and resets.

    To counter this I have glued the cable in place so it stays and have not have this issue since.