Missing instructions on Go 6200

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I was using my GO 6200 this evening to travel back from Luton to Birmingham. Due to heavy traffic on the M1, my sat nav routed me via Buckingham and Milton Keynes and then up the M40. I was expecting the sat nav to wake up at the turn off for the M42, but there wasn't a peep from it and no mention of the M42 turn at all. The only thing that appeared on screen was the small lane guidance icon, telling me which lanes to use and that only appeared pretty close to the junction. If I hadn't known that I needed to take the M42 West route, I could easily have got confused and taken the wrong route. Seems like another problem to chalk up to the list.


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    All of my devices have been suffering these intermittent issues over the last few months - loss of direction voice, speed cameras, notification of alternative routes and ALG......................... thinking back it started to happen from ~ May onwards, so perhaps it is linked to the last software update?

    Irritating and whilst a Drum Roll Reset normally brings the device back to life again, I have had to do a factory reset on my latest purchase (Go Premium X) which is more concerning.

    I almost missed my turn off on the M25 the other week when the voice directions ceased mid-journey as with one part of the motorway looking like any other I do tend to rely on the Tomtom to alert me to the next change of direction. As it has occurred several times I have reinstalled my Garmin device to use as a backup. :3
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    Another 6200 owner with the same problem...