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I have, for various reasons, two different accounts. I just have one device that no longer have support (Go Live 825). So I bought the summer deal on a Go Premium X with 20% discount via the newsletter that was sent out. Not checking carefully I clicked and bought it over the account that have no other devise connected to it , just the newsletter. Anyway, the purchase got through. Then I logged on to the account that automatically pops up when I go into my TomTom MyDrive Connect and where my old device is connected. An there I was offered a 30% discount on the Go Premium X. I don't really care about the extra 10% (just a bit annoyed) I just want to clean this mess up so I have ONE account with the right info and product connected to it. This would be easy to solve IF THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN A MANNED SUPPORT TO TALK TO!!!!
The TomTom support function is IT-fancy but not really customer focused, imho.
Anyone that have a suggestion on how to go about this?



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    Hi @EricBm

    If you do a Factory Reset on your Premium X unit this will delete all the Data from the unit When you Set it uo again as you did when you got it. input the Account that you want it to be connected too. You can then log into the other account in My Drive Connect and delete the unit.

    If you're selling the unit you would do the factory reset to delete all your data and the buyer would then add it to their account.

    Once it is allocated to the correct account it takes all its information from that account.

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap System
    Tap Reset Device.