How to edit the map?

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Previous versions allowed me to mark a road as blocked, one-way, or to correct the speed limit but I cannot find this functionality in TT Go on IOS. I can’t believe such a basic function would be removed. It caused quite a problem for me last week when a bridge was out and every route I planned took me over it. I managed a work-around by adding an additional destination along the alternative route. Not good. Please bring this functionality back


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    It's possible to report map changes to the Map Share Reporter.

    But I agree with you. In recent months I have seen more and more speeds that are not correct or roads that have changed (e.g. the compulsory direction of travel, etc.). It would then be useful to be able to press a single button immediately while driving to save these coordinates and to add information about what needs to be changed later on.

    The quality of the maps is deteriorating and Google Maps is becoming more accurate every day. Such a feature would help a lot to improve the maps.