Problem of comunication and association of device on mydriveconnect

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Hi at all, i've got a TOMTOM navigation module device for SONY XAV-601BT (XAT-100T), i tried to install my drive connect, the navigation system has been affected by WNR (week number rollover) and now i'm trying to associate my device on my account with mydrive connect to resolve and update the navi module but it not seem possible...

the device is recognised by pc and installed correctly, in fact if i connect the module on usb port, PC recognise it as router TOM TOM and when my drive connect is opened the device is showed correctly SONY XNV MODULE with the message of 4 update required and available. At this point start the real problem, when i made the login and try to add the device, there is no possible, the message of error is that the device is un-connected and try to reconnect the module at the PC (i made it yet but after all the message is the same and the device is not associated with my account).

This is frustrating and illogical, now i'm in contact with the customer support center, but until now there isn't a real answer that resolve the problem... i tried to ask if there was the possibility to send the module on a service center but NO... answer that i recived is that "there isn't official repair station on my country."

Please Help me

O.S. Windows 7
My drive connect installed 4.1.8 and also the newest release
(Tom Tom Home not recognise the module device)

P/N Module Device 1MJ0.002.00

I tried also to disable all Antivirus and Firewall installed on PC.