What is the Hardware/software difference between the Go comfort and 620?

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I am already aware of the differences listed on the tomtom web page (https://www.tomtom.com/en_us/drive/car/#productLineup), so I am not asking about those.

From looking at multiple websites for reviews of both products, I see the only true differences between the two are lifetime 'World maps. siri compatibility, and a magnetic mount. Other than that both are the same.

I am now trying to find out what the differences may be with the Hardware and navigation software between the two as follows:

1) what is the processor and other hardware difference between the the comfort and 620? Are they both really the same thing with the same hardware or is the 620 faster in some way?

2) are they both using the exact same navigation software? it is obvious the 620 has different interface software for siri compatibility and licensing for the 'World maps.

3) are they both really the same thing with the 620 only having those couple of extra features ('world maps', siri support, and magnetic mount)?

I am not able to find this information anywhere, not even on any tomtom web page.


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    The GO 620 has some additional benefits like-

    Hands-free calling
    Compatible with Siri and Google Now™
    Active Magnetic Mount