GoProfessional 6250 Problem with service fee

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Dear TomTom Community,

please advice me on following. I sent the device to service. In mail correspondence I was informed the device in on warranty and repair will be free of charge.

Meanwhile today, I received following mail :

"We have received your defective item(s) and we are currently testing to determine the defect.

If the defect is covered under warranty, the item(s) will be serviced or replaced free of charge, usually within 10 working days.

If the service is not covered under warranty you will receive an out of warranty confirmation, along with the service fee, within 3 working days of receipt of this e-mail.

Once the service process has been completed the item(s) will be shipped to the following address:"

What is going on ? First I am informed that repair is going to be free of charge and now I am being informed I may suffer financial costs of repair ? The Device is on warranty ?

Whom should I contanct ?

Please advice.

Thank You all for help.


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    Hi @thomas1111

    Could you send me the incident reference number for your contact with the customer service through a PM , please?