TomTom GO Navigation App and Spotify integration (like Waze)

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Are there any feature plans to integrate Spotify into the TomTom Go app for IOS? I really like TomTom over any free nav app. The only thing i miss is in-app spotify integration like waze.

If there are not any plans for this feature, can it be added to some kind of feature request list?



  • VikramK
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    Hi @Elliott8

    Welcome to the community and sorry for my late reply!

    We try to prioritize new features inclusions depending on the requirements and existing feature improvements.

    Spotify integration doesn't look to be included in the list of feature enhancements at least for now.

    New feature introductions are revealed in the release notes so if you wish to stay informed then keep an eye on the GO Navigation app, board.

    Thank you
    Vikram :)
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    Anyway, there is no official Spotify for TomTom app allowing users to listen to Spotify music on TomTom Go Navigation app.
    But the good news is that you can transfer local Spotify files to TomTom Go app for listening just like common audio files.
    The only thing you should do is to use Spotify Converter to download Spotify files as TomTom compatible audio files, like MP3 and transfer them to TomTom for playback.