Switch to 2D mode when zooming out in 3D mode

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I normally have my maps in 3D mode during navigation but I usually want to zoom out a bit to see the surroundings. Zooming out in 3D only shows a very small region around and then zooming further out isn't possible. I would expect that map switches automatically to 2D after hitting the zoom out button a couple of times and continue zooming out from there. Using the route overview doesn't help because then I see the whole area which might be huge.

Use case: I'm driving from Paris to Zurich. I'm in 3D mode and I want to see the villages around on the map. By using the zoom out button I can only see a few hundred meters around and by using the overview I can see a big part of the continent. Currently the only way to do this is to switch to the route overview and then start zooming in, which takes many screen taps and panning.

Any solution to this issue?


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    That is a similar case on the pnd's as well.

    No specific solution for this.