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Hello, I have been going to spinning classes for about 1 year and when I start the class I start my watch in indoor cycling, I give it to none and the watch keeps looking but if it marks the pulsations, after a while It gets on time and I put it back on and it does the same to me. How can I put it so that it dials well? Thank you, greetings.


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    I am afraid that I can't understand what you are asking. If you are using indoor cycling mode and you do not have a speed/cadence sensor synced to the watch it will continue to look for it. you need to go to Settings>Sensors>Bike>Off. The same goes for HR if you are using a non-cardio model without strap, you need to go to Settings>Sensors>Heart>Off. Since all you get in indoor cycle mode without a sensor is HR and calories you are better off using Gym mode.