Music not restarting following a GPS instruction?

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Hi, I’ve just got a 550 and set it up with my iPhone 8 and Packtalk. The problem I’m having is when I’m playing music and then get a GPS instruction the music doesn’t start playing again and I have to manually start it again using the Packtalk button.

Does anyone else experience this and is there a fix? Cheers.


  • RoadRider
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    This is a Headset problem.
    You can check the Bluetooth setting (HSP and AD2P) on your Rider 550.
    (On the Packtalk only HSP is supported)

    And on your Packtalk
    - Install latest Firmware
    - Try another BT cannel for your Rider
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    Hi I have the same issue with my samsung s9+ and sena 10Upad with the rider 550 is there any settings I need to look at to resolve my issue?
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    I don’t have experience with the Sena 10Upad and I do not see it in the compatibility list.

    First check for an firmware update for the headset.
    Use the smartphone app to manage the Sena 10Upad.

    Other Sena headsets use AD2P for navigation and HSP for music. This is strange because HSP is the lower sound quality.