Runner 3 pace isn't accurate

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Device: Runner 3
Sport: running
Problem: While running, the current pace isn't accurate. There is a big difference in what the device shows and what the actual pace is. Average pace seems correct. But while running, I would like to see my actual (and correct) pace.
For example, I am running 1km. This takes 5 minutes. Average pace shows 5 min/km, which is correct. But the actual pace often shows 5.30 min/km or higher. This isn't correct.
My runner3 is updated with recent GPX fix. Any idea what to do to get an accurate current pace?


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    No watch has true "instant: or "current" pace. It is all computed in arrears and is a balance between responsiveness and smoothness. A longer lag time gives you smoother data but is slow to react. A short lag time gets faster responsiveness but choppier data. TomTom is slow to react to changes in pace because it applies a long smoothing period to produce smooth, non-choppy data. If you are running at a steady pace you will not notice the lag. However, if you are doing intervals or sprints or changing speed a lot the lag can be become more apparent. This has been a complaint since the first version of the watch was released 5+ years ago and has not changed much,. Considering TT Sports went out of business almost years ago and ceased all production and development you are going to have to live with as they are dead devices. If this is a vital feature you may want to look elsewhere (but I can tell you my Garmin and Suunto are not much better).