Is there a standard "Car" vehicle type available for the Pro 6250?

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I have a huge map file on my brand new Pro 6250, called "Europe TRUCK" .
I am only driving a small car.
Is there a chance to get a Europe Map for Cars? I have no possibility to show on the display the gas stations for cars, I can only show the gas stations for trucks and parking places for trucks and buses.
In addition, I am routed on large roads, where many trucks are on the way. When I use Google Maps, this software sends me through much smaller roads with less truck traffic.

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    For Routing, you have the facility to change Vehicle Type on the 6250.

    Go into Settings - My Vehicle and change the selection to "car".

    To display petrol stations in the route bar - Go to Settings - Appearance - Route Bar - Route information and select Petrol Stations to be displayed.

    Hope this assists you.
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    The latest Full Europe Car Map at 9.13GB
    It's still a a huge map file....