Synchronising routes/tracks from TomTom MyDrive to Rider changes the routes/tracks

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I have bicycle routes/tracks on my TomTom MyDrive but when I use "Sync this route as a track with my devices" to update my TomTom Rider 550 the routes/tracks are changed. How can I preserve the exact routes/tracks?

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    Yes this is normal. When you load a track in to MyDrive it is automatically mapped to the road. So every ware the track doesn't match a road that is accessible for a Car the track will change. Also illogical glitches in to side roads and back to the main road will be filtered out.

    There is no way to set MyDrive to walking or bicycling when you import a route or track.

    You can still import your routes/tracks with the USB Cable or Micro SD-Card.
    Change the Rider to bicycling and open the route/track.

    To see the original trackpoints on your Rider as an overlay you can use my program.

    Great. I have followed the instructions on your website and everything worked as described. I will try the route/track with the track overlay next week and will let you know my experience.
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    If you are using the MyDrive Web Route planner and Send Destination or Send Stops
    There is also a known problem... The glitch/bug is under investigation....

    The fix... Turn off/Forget Wi-fi (See below)



    On the NAV5 (Wi-Fi) devices You have a problem... If Wi-Fi is enabled the 'Send Destination' or 'Send Stops' to sync a .ITN route
    In the syncing process it converts the .ITN Route to a .GPX Track
    According to Tomtom the reason for this is, the High Speed of the sync over Wi-Fi ???
    The Fix... Forget the Wi-fi on the device....
    You can't actually turnoff the Wi-Fi but you can forget it, the device will still be monitoring for a Wi-Fi service but not Connecting & Syncing....
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> Wi-Fi... Tap on your Wi-Fi's Name (Screen top left)
    Tap Modify --> Forget
    Follow on-screen instructions to finish

    If you want to update your device log back into the Wi-fi