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Routes not visible anymore in the MyDrive app for Android version 2.7.0

I can't see My Routes anymore in the latest Mydrive App for Android.
When I select My Routes I only get Add Route.

I can see My Routes in the iOS version (iPad) and Web version.
(There are more users reporting this on a Duch forum.)

I do not know if this is for all users or only users that use the Save As TomTom MyDrive feature in MRA?


  • BeemerNedBeemerNed Posts: 7 [Master Traveler]
    Hi All,

    I'm having troubles with synchronizing routes when using the mydrive-app on an android phone.
    My-places works fine, routes however do not appear.
    I work/edit routes on desktop mydrive and use the "synchronize with all my systems" slicer, then they also should appear ( after some time) in the my-drive app on my android phone.
    This worked fine until app. July this year. Last week suddenly no routes visible in the mydrive-app.

    Current the routes only appear in the mydrive-app after re-edit & saving them on desktop.

    Anyone having simular problems?

  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 565 [Revered Pioneer]
    I Have the same problem with the new 2.7.0 version of MyDrive For Android.

    Also other people report the same on other fora.

    I also own a iPAD and MyDrive For iOS does not have this problem.
  • BeemerNedBeemerNed Posts: 7 [Master Traveler]
    Hi RoadRider,

    Thnx for reply. At least i'm not the only one with this problem.
    My work-around (re-edit & save) does do the trick until you hit an route with a road blocked, Mydrive then only accepts a detour. So you'll loose the original route.
    Frustrating, when you know that a certain blocked road will be opened soon.

  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 10,433 Moderator
    edited August 2019
    Hi @RoadRider @BeemerNed

    Thanks for reporting this!

    I have sent a heads up to the team and waiting for an update.

    As soon as I know more about it, I will post back here.

    Thanks again,
    Vikram :)
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 10,433 Moderator
    Hi @BeemerNed

    Could you tell me which is the phone model you are using and which is current Android version installed?

    I have asked this to RoadRIder as well through a PM.

  • BeemerNedBeemerNed Posts: 7 [Master Traveler]
    Hi Vikram,

    Sorry for the late respons. I'ts the "motor off-season" for me. In regard to your question:
    - I had at that time an Huawei P10
    - I also had an extensive e-mail correspondence with the help desk on this topic
    - Their final advice: buy an other telephone... ( Not kidding)
    - Current mobile phone is an Samsumg Galaxy S10 - facing the exact same problem as with the Huawei: no new ( desktop created and sycnchronized) routes appear in mydrive app.

    Current status:
    - I create routes in Basecamp.
    Why: cause Mydrive does not have an "undo" button and/or and "ignore blocked
    roads" option, nor can i compare (overlay) different routes in one screen
    - Then i add them in mydrive on my desktop and do an quick check an set "sychchronize
    wih all my systems" on active
    - Routes do directly appear on the TomTom 550 ( which is still a fine piece of art)
    - I do not like to use the android phone app anymore because of the above mentioned
    problem (1) and the workaround ( see post August) often does not deliver the original route. which is pretty frustrating.
  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 565 [Revered Pioneer]
    When you don’t use the Google Now feature you also do not need the MyDrive App.
    Option 1, Use BT Tethering like the Rider 4x0.
    See video for instructions.
    Also, I advise the app Blue Car Tethering to keep BT Tethering open on your Phone.

    Option 2, Use WiFi
    Create a WiFi Hotspot on your Phone and configure WiFi on your Rider 550 to use this Hotspot
    Warning: Don’t update your device using this WiFi Hotspot this will consume many GB’s

    I have a new program that makes the upload process for your BaseCamp tracks to your Rider easer. Look at the LoadTrack page on my site.
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