Is tomtom Go Navigation really free as mentioned by last contact in US ?

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Is TomTom Go Navigation really free ? My last contact at TomTom US, before downloading the app on my iphone, said that it was why are there monthly purchases when I open the app?
Also what is the difference between MyDrive of which I have on my iPhone as well ?
I have a TomTom GO 520 WiFi
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    No, the new TomTom Go Navigation (Apple iOS) is not Free so you need the monthly/annually purchases for it to work. This version also supports Apple CarPlay.

    The older TomTom GO Mobile is is really free but limited to maximum 75 Km navigation each month. So you can try it out.
    The monthly/annually purchases for TomTom GO Mobile is an upgrade to unlimited miles.

    The software is more basic has less features than the TomTom GO 520 WiFi. With TomTom Go Navigation you can really navigate. MyDrive is for the Bluetooth connection to the cloud and managing things like Places and Routes.