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I have a number of itn route files that I have made or open in the Tyre to travel program, this no longer works. How can I view the layout of these routes as there does not appear to be an app, unlike GPX files, nor can I import them into the My Drive program so as to open them. I am trying to do this using a desktop. help please.


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    You can use the Basic MyRoute App for free....

    I use the Free, slightly quirky, but very good ITN Converter

    The default Google Maps now throws up an error... But if you clear the error and select say the Tomtom map it all still works

    ITN Converter has a huge number of Map types default is Google Maps, the Tomtom Routes Map is included, the ITN Converter also Saves/Exports a huge number of route file types, it will also export straight to the Tomtoms MyDrive Route planner...

    The ITN Converter is quirky because it uses It uses two Windows, one with all the save/export options the other, being the "Editor Window" where you plan your routes
    Get ITN Converter here...

    There is a Tomtom Map... I also think the ITN Converters ViaMichelin and the Nokia OVI Maps appear to be a good match to Tomtom Maps

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    Hi YamFazMan
    Thanks for coming back. I have tried to use your suggestion but found it would not work in this case plus I kept getting a message that Google maps cannot load even though a map was showing. So I gave up.
    As mydrive only allows the import of gpx files that was of on help either.
    I have now found a work around by using my route app, this has allowed me inport an itn extension file, open it and make changes as required.
    Also from my own route files storage area I can load the files direct onto the 450.
    The problem is now solved but it's just that more fiddly.
    Thanks for your suggestion.
    I do not use the mydrive system as I find just to convoluting.