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Ok, 30 years ive travelled to Wales, and always through Monmouth and down the A40 road, a few times its got very bad with traffic, I missed the tomtom warning ha ha, was talking on phone.
So im suck in traffic not moving, so asked the tomtom to avoid blocked road, it updated and told be to take the first left turn. I took it

The turn takes you over to the other side of the A40 north, i was on A40 south

darn road had concrete bollards on it, the closed road sign had gone

Tomtom needs to update, who can I provide all the details too ? did try on 6200, bit hit and miss and dont know if it worked




51.83059 N 2.68842 W

Have dash cam making me look silly driving into a blocked off road?


BTW this has been blocked for years, come on tomtom get your maps updated


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    Try it now. Should be ok.
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    I live in Australia, RUNCORN , Qld. 4113. My home address is not recognized but stated as being in an adjoining suburb. I noticed many streets in RUNCORN are stated as being in Eight Mile Plains, which is an adjoining suburb. This must be rectified as many people looking for a street in RUNCORN cannot find it, unless they know the area.